Planning and development of navigation systems

At design of signs and indexes for the airport, as well as for other public buildings, it is necessary to consider color of a facade, architectural and functional features of terminals and office buildings, quantity of a daylight, height of ceilings, lighting, number of floors and many other characteristics of the terminal complex and the territory in which navigation elements are located.

The effective navigation system is capable to reduce airport resources on passengers’ service and to save the time for orientation in space. Thus passengers will be able to consume the maximum number of provided services that, in turn, conducts to increase of appeal of the airport as object of commercial real estate.

Design of navigation system goes in several stages:

  1. The analysis of existing space: technical capability on leading of communications, the possible size of the signs, distribution of passenger zones on different levels of the room
  2. Planning of the most effective location of navigation elements taking into account the analysis of the main passengers traffic.
  3. Development of the layout taking into account a corporate style of the airport and readability.

After the process of preparation the layouts and planning the location of the navigation elements our experts prepare the specification for producers of navigation signs, and designers exercise architectural supervision by production and installation.