Kharkiv Philharmonia Orchestra will perform at the opening of the International aeroforum

Дата публикации: четверг, 6 мая 2010

The best classical musicians of the city will play in the new terminal of International Airport “Kharkiv”. Kharkiv Philharmonia Orchestra is open, mobile and ready for experiments – the artistic director and conductor Yuriy Yanko has demonstrated it more than once. As in no other Ukrainian city, has a classical orchestra performed at the underground station or in the lobby of a railway station. The organizers of the aeroforum decided that a new airport terminal is also a decent site for musicians. A few days prior to the official opening the terminal will host the forum participants from all over the world, and events of such level should show visitors only the best.

Irina Dyadchenko, coordinator of the forum: “All the events of the forum – meetings, conferences, discussions have the same goal: investments should come to Kharkiv. Today the region is one of the most information enclosed ones in Ukraine. To attract the attention of investors, the city should open. It is easier and more correct to emphasize the multiculturalism of our region through the arts: the language of music is clear for everyone. The Philharmonic may well be the visiting card of the city, because this team has represented Kharkiv on tour for many years. And it shows a decent high level.”

Yuriy Yanko, artistic director of the Kharkiv Philharmonic: “We are certainly prepared to perform at the terminal site. I think that quite a few teams want to perform there, but we will be the first. It is very important for us. For this presentation we will prepare a special programme. The best from the best! “

The organizers of the International aeroforum want to emphasize through this cooperation that aviation is not only transportation, business, security and complicated infrastructure, it is also romance of flights, travelling, new meetings and impressions.