Donetsk Started Preparing for Routes CIS 2013, CIS Major Air Event

Дата публикации: пятница, 12 апреля 2013

The press conference dedicated to the start of preparations for Routes CIS 2013, the CIS major air event, took place in Sergey Prokofiev Airport press centre on April 11. This year, the forum organisers decided to accord the right to hold this event to Sergey Prokofiev International Airport Donetsk.

Andrew Rowe, the representative of UBM Live-Routes, the forum organising company, expressed hope that holding Routes CIS in Donetsk will facilitate an increase in the awareness of the airport’s powerful infrastructure and a great potential of Donbas. He also said that the event is expected to gather about 250 participants. Mr Rowe expressed gratitude to Kyrylo Osypov, Sergey Prokofiev International Airport Donetsk Director General.

In his turn, Kyrylo Osypov, Sergey Prokofiev International Airport Donetsk Director General, emphasised that it is great honour for the airport to host such a large forum, as the choice of Sergey Prokofiev Airport to be a platform for holding Routes CIS 2013 proved its correspondence to all requirements of the international standards.

“The expansion of the route network is a key strategic goal for any airport. Routes CIS 2013 is an ideal platform to realise this goal”, emphasised Mr Osypov. “Besides its major function, the development of the regional air routes, the forum also creates valuable opportunities to attract investments. For our part, we promise that we will do our best to organise the event at a proper level and to make all guests of the forum have warm and pleasant memories of Donbas”.

Oleksii Dubrevskyi, Sergey Prokofiev International Airport Donetsk Commercial Director, shared some details of the coming forum with the representatives of mass media. “During Routes CIS 2013, we will arrange a unique system for communication between top-managers of airports and air companies suggesting holding twenty minute blitz negotiations. During these twenty minutes, they can agree to launch a new route, for example. This is a unique opportunity, and we will use it to the fullest extent”. Mr Dubrevskyi also informed that during the forum there will be a platform to hold briefings, and mass media representatives will be able to obtain current information about the results of meetings and negotiations. “I am deeply convinced that the international air forum Routes CIS 2013 will help significantly speed up the processes of route network development and Sergey Prokofiev Airport performance indicators”, summarised Mr Dubrevskyi.