Airport is business, not just a status object

Дата публикации: понедельник, 7 июня 2010

During the first session of the Strategic Route Development Forum, the speakers discussed the prospects of development of the aviation market in the CIS. The delegates in their addresses analyzed the state of passenger air travel market. For the full development of airports we need management which will treat the airport complex as a commercial enterprise, the participants of the discussion stressed. The airport must generate profit, but this requires a competitive environment. At present the majority of airport complexes in the CIS are subjects of natural monopoly. As a result we experience slow arrival at decisions connected with innovations, attraction of new airlines and immediate response to market needs. More than 20 flights ‘Moscow-St. Petersburg’ are now in demand by Russian passengers. And the direction ‘Kiev-Moscow’ could also become profitable for airports and airlines. For the full development of airports and airlines we need an integrated programme, and International airport ‘Kharkiv’ can be an example of such a development, mentioned the forum participants.