Routes CIS Complimentary Tours

Дата публикации: четверг, 6 июня 2013

We are delighted to announce the exclusive programme of tours for all Routes CIS delegates.  The tour programme is complimentary to registered delegates and are very kindly provided by our host International Airport Donetsk Sergey Prokofiev.

From Sunday 21st July delegates can visit the amazing monastery located on the bank of Severskiy Donez and currently home to more than 100 monks, this tour gives delegates a great opportunity to see both the fabulous beauty of nature combined with spectacular architecture.

Also on Sunday you could visit the Donbass arena the home stadium for FC ‘Shakhtar’ you may discover many interesting facts about stadium infrastructure and visit premises usually only accessible to players and official representatives.

On Tuesday 23rd why not visit Artemovsk Winery, one of the largest manufacturers of sparkling wines in Europe, you will have an opportunity to see the whole technical process, manufacturing department and of course an opportunity to taste the wines.