UBM Live-Routes

    Company is focused entirely on aviation route development, the major and authoritative company in this field. They are held in key markets throughout the year in Asia, Africa, Europe, the Americas and the CIS.


    The largest financial investor in the region of operations which stretches from central Europe to central Asia and the southern and eastern Mediterranean.

    The American Chamber of Commerce

    The American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine (“Chamber”) is among the most active and effective non-government, non-profit business organizations operating in Ukraine. One of the Chamber’s principal activities is to represent the foreign investment community as well as to facilitate the entrance of potential new investors into this market.


    Company works in Ukrainian market more then 20 years, is only one IT company that has 28 representative offices in biggest cities of Ukraine, Kazakhstan  and Belarus.


    Company “LEATER”, founded on February, 22, 1992, is the largest Ukrainian vendor and importer, developer and performer of complex projects in area of presentation, educational and professional audiovisual technique.


    Agency provides full service in the field of political PR,  and realizes other branding  communicative projects.